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Nhi Le




Nhi Le was drawn to real estate after purchasing her first home in 2016 at age 24. Once Nhi saw how smooth and unproblematic the process could be, she wanted to help others achieve their homeownership dreams, with a particular interest in showing a younger demographic that it is possible to be a homeowner.

Now Nhi, who also works as a registered nurse is determined to work hard and dedicate herself to each of her clients. Nhi utilizes her background in customer service, as well as her signature sympathy and empathy, to make each client feel heard and taken care of during the entire transaction. She aims to make all of her clients’ days better.

As a nurse, Nhi has learned the power of being punctual, dependable, and flexible—all skills she uses to cultivate a positive environment for her clients.
Nhi’s passion for the real estate industry carries over into her hobbies, which include home improvement projects such as updating her kitchen or shopping for home décor. When she has time, Nhi also enjoys traveling and trying new foods.

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