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Marcellus Bass



California native Marcellus Bass has an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life. A graduate of Sacramento State with a degree in sociology, Marcellus has always wanted to help others. After owning a successful business, Marcellus realized he could utilize his economic savvy in a career centered on his real passion—seeing others thrive.

With a background in as a rental property owner, Marcellus knows how to maximize every real estate investment—whether you’re buying a home you plan to live in, or adding to your portfolio. He builds every relationship on a foundation of education and uses the lessons he learned the hard way to ensure you have a profitable, positive experience. A firm believer that knowledge is power, he considers it his duty to help every client make confident, informed decisions.

Real estate enables Marcellus to empower other people with understanding and guidance, giving them more control over their lives. Excited to help you accomplish your goals, he’s dedicated to listening first, which provides him with a firm understanding of where you’re headed. Always available and committed to open communication, he knows that great agents are reachable and that satisfied clients feel heard. His clients appreciate his attentive approach. Marcellus is listening. Together, you’ll succeed.

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