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Elena Santos



All City Homes is committed to a different kind of real estate endeavor. Driven by the desire to reach, teach, and transform communities through the empowerment of homeownership, All City Home stand out as more than an agency. They’re agents of change. Elena Santos, an All City Homes agent, is excited to be part of that process.

A native of Sacramento, Elena has a deep appreciation for the communities within the city and their ability to shape individuals’ lives for the better. Elena has witnessed the effects of homeownership first hand and she understands how it empowers people to live life with a sense of pride and ambition. Motivated to see lives positively transformed and communities experiencing productive growth, Elena specializes in helping first-time buyers navigate the ins and outs of the buying process. She helps her clients establish a target location and a healthy wishlist, and then she’ll help make it happen Ultimately, Elena considers herself a helper. Her clients have done what it takes to own a home, and Elena’s there to make sure you own the one you want.

Particularly excited about the prospect of empowering women to take the reigns of their lives through home ownership, Elena feels regularly empowered by the beautiful women in her own life – her wife of 20 years, Annie, and their daughter. She fully believes that strong womanhood can be bolstered by the independence of homeownership, and she’s excited to educate others through the process.

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